During February 13, Hayden started going to Riding for the Desabled (RDA) at Lambourne. He really enjoys going, and the transformation in his confidence and balance in such a short time is remarkable. He looks forward to going on a Tuesday every week, and I am very envious of my parents getting to take him - he enjoys it so much.

In April, we discovered that he will be representing Lambourne RDA at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, in a fancy dress competition, with the pony he rides 'Drummer'. They competed, with Hayden dressed as Peppa Pig, with Drummer pulling Peppa's car and others from the Lambourne RDA dressed as the remainder of Peppa's family - we were thrilled when the entry won the class in the 'driven' section. Hayden was so thrilled, he refused to change out of his Peppa pink dress all day - bought smiles to many of the other spectators at the show!

In September 13, concerned that Hayden was missing time at school to attend RDA, and conscious that at this stage he is able to progress his riding as a great form of exercise and confidence giver, we have moved onto 1:1 lessons at a local private yard. With Vicky's expert instruction, he is loving every minute of his Monday evening lessons!